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Heroes and Titans 2: Era of Legends

  • Developer: LocoJoy Games, Based in Beijing China
  • Release: Windows, January 2020
  • Platforms: Windows (Steam,,GameJolt)
  • Website:


  • Heroes and Titans 2: Era of Legends is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG for PC featuring a large, seamless world filled with adventure. Uniquely, HT2 features magical creatures that players can capture who can fight and buff their allies in battle. Complete storyline quests, fight in massive PvP arenas, or get together in a guild for epic raids. Players can find a variety of mounts, even dragons and giant robots! Save the continent of Eminoor from the forces of evil, all in vast explorable world filled with thousands of secrets, hundreds of class combinations, and daring battles!
  • History

  • On mobile platforms, Era of Legends already has over 20 million players exploring the world of Eminoor together. Our team is not only porting the experience to PC, we are enhancing controls, features, graphics, and localization to take the experience to the next level. Heroes and Titans 2: Era of Legends is now available in Early Access Beta, with everything subject to change until its final launch.
  • Features

  • Explore the huge and colorful world of Eminoor : unique areas from Divine Dragon City, through Magic Beast Utopia, Blood Swamp and Westwood Gobi, to Golden Grassland. Each has their own biome, towns, and enemies. explore unique landscapes, solve mysteries, search for hidden treasures alone or alongside your fellow players.
  • Magical beasts will join you as adventuring companions: beasts will aid you in the toughest battles, heal your wounds, buff your damage and defense.
  • Hail grenades on your enemies from a griffon's back, waltz through a demon horde inside a huge robot and investigate a necromantic conspiracy at the heart of the Eminoor government!
  • Epic 30-player raids, 5v5 and 3v3 PvP, capture the flag there's no limit to competitive and cooperative battles.

    Choose your class

  • The Warrior is always out front taking the hard knocks and doesn't complain (Well, actually he complains a lot). He is a Big Chungus whose gigantic shield protects his friends. If a Warrior specializes in attack, he can dish it out as well as take it!
  • Assassin
  • You'll never see the Assassin coming. He's cool, quiet, and will stab you in the back with his two blades as soon as you take your eye off him. We don't know anything about his personal life, but that might be because he's an edgelord who doesn't have any friends.
  • Priest
  • The Priest can be a bit of a stuck up Mean Girl, but you want her on your side when the chips are down and you're out of health. A bit of a religious nut, she can summon powers from the gods to heal and buff her friends. Get close enough and she will whack you with that staff too.
  • Witch
  • Professionally, the Witch is into spooky Chaos magic and summoning demons, but in her off time she loves cats, rainy days, sweaters, and posting pictures of her cats. Instead of winning you over with her personality, she might just magically take over your mind instead.
  • Druid
  • He's kind of a goofus, but he means well. He has an unhealthy obsession with animals and nature, and this has led to him developing the ability to turn into a giant bear. Nobody has dared to ask him about this because he might get angry and turn into a giant bear.
  • Archer
  • Everyone's a little scared of the Archer, she has an intimidating aura and her fashion choices are all total power moves (We stan, queen). Her bullseyes can shave a fly's back from 100 yards, and she has a huge crush on the Druid (He's too dumb to notice).
  • Mage
  • Frequenty asked if she is a lost child, the cherubesque Mage put all her skill points into damage magic and none into defense (or height). She needs the help of tanks to keep enemies off her back but her damage per second and area of effect spells are unmatched.
  • Shaman
  • He may lo scary. but the Shaman is a bit of a nerd. Even though he focuses on healing magic he has many skills like elemental damage. staus effects, and summoning turret-like totems. Surprisingly good conversationalist given he is covered in actual human bones.


  • Developer: Code View Ltd, Based in Beijing China
  • Release: Windows & Android: December 5, 2019
  • iOS: December 10, 2019
  • Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS
  • Website:
  • Reworld is an online user-generated platform where players build worlds to play, learn, and hang out with friends. In Reworld Studio, players can learn how to code, hone their game design skills, and create thrilling adventures. On the Reworld Portal players can try hundreds of worlds made by other users. Play alongside or compete with friends in puzzles, first person shooters, roleplays, and arcade games. Reworld Studio Creator's Alpha is available now on Windows. Soon, Reworld Studio and Portal will be available on iOS, Android, Playstation 4, XBOX One, and Amazon Fire devices. Reworlders will be able to access and play creations wherever they are.
  • History
  • Code View Ltd, based out of Beijing, China, is an studio breaking new ground in developing physics simulations and software engines with fast, efficient networking capbilities. Reworld is this vision brought to live, with low level implementation of several physics synchronization innovations. 120 team members have spent 3 years in research and development, and we are very excited for the world to see our hard work. Before Reworld, Code View developed I am MT, which has more than 120 million players. Reworld is new territory for Code View, with a focus on user-generated content and a strong community.
  • Features
  • Advanced Physics Engine - Reworld has one of the most advanced physics engines in multiplayer gaming, where all objects stay synchronized for all players with low enough latency that the system works across PC and Mobile seamlessly.
  • Creative Freedom - Express your ideas in a flexible engine that's really easy to use! Create complex objects with simple sculpting tools, apply dozens of different materials and colors. Combine different parts to make massive functional vehicles, aircraft robots, and more! Build huge worlds to explore, and add global rules to create competitive and collaborative game spaces. Anyone can play your creations on PC, consoles, and the mobile app seamlessly.
  • Animated Gameplay - Reword has a colorful, blocky style that makes it easy to build new objects that fit in or stand out. You can create detailed animations for characters in the Animation Editor, which lets you build games like shooters, survival, racing, or any other idea in the Reworld Editor.
  • Rich Social Interaction - Team up with your friends to play in Reworld! Upload your own work, play your friend's games, or try the most popular games on the platform with dozens of players. To support our creators, Reworld offers the best creator/platform monetization split in the industry. Support your creative dreams by letting your players purchase extra content in your games.
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