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A free-to-play fantasy MMORPG for PC featuring a large,semless world filled with adventure

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The Warrior is always out front talking the hard knocks and doesn't
complain (Well,actually he complains a lot). He is Big Chungus
whose gigantic shield protects his friends.If a Warrior specializes in
attack, he can dish it out as well as take it!


You'll never see the Assassin coming.He's cool,quiet,and will stab you
in the back with his two blades as soon as you take your eye off him.
We don't know anything about his personal life, but that might be
because he's an edgelord who doesn't have any friends.


The Priest can be a bit of a stuck up Mean Girl, but you want her on
your side when the chips are down and you're out of health.A bit of a
religous nut,she can summon powers from the gods to heal and buff
her friends.Get close enough and she will whack you with that staff


Professionally,the Witch is into spooky Chaos magic and summoning
demons,but in her off time she loves cats,rainy days,sweaters,and
posting pictures of her cats.Instead of winning you over with her
personality,she might just magically take over your mind instead.


He's kind of a goofus, but he means well. He has an unhealthy obsession
with animals and nature,and this has led to him developing the ability to
turn into a giant bear. Nobody has dared to ask him about this because he
might get angry and turn into a giant bear.


Everyone's a little scared of the Archer,she has an intimidating aura and her
fashion choices are all total power moves (We stan, queen).Her bullseyes can
shave a fly's back from 100 yards, and she has a huge crush on the Druid
(He's too dumb to notice).


Frequently asked if she is a lost child, the cherubesque Mage put all her skill
points into damage magic and none into defense (or height).She needs the
help of tanks to keep enemies off her back,but her damage per second and
area of effect spells are unmatched.


He may look scary, but the Shaman is a bit of a nerd. Even though he focuses
on healing magic he has many skills like elemental damage, status effects,
and summoning turret-like totems. Surprisingly good conversationalist given
he is covered in actual human bones.

Stop the Dragon God

The world of Eminoor used to be a nice place to live, but when the Dragon God attacked it tore the land apart. Adventure across a large seamless land with many unique biomes and face bizarre and hostile creatures at every turn. From the dark bloody swamps to the Divine Dragon city,through the Icy Wasteland to the Golden Meadows, there's a whole world to see!


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